At Shelby Chiropractic we offer a wide array of services specifically geared toward you and your personal needs.  Below are some of the specific treatments that we offer:

Chiropractic adjustments

Our body is full of hundreds of joints that function to provide our body with proper motion.  Through living our daily lives these joints often lose function and movement.  A chiropractic adjustment provides a gentle and specific thrust to a restricted joint to help restore its proper function. The joints in our spine are integral with the function of our nervous system.

  • Specific
  • Gentle
  • Scientific

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Our class IV K-Laser is one of the most advanced healing modalities in the field. Light energy penetrates at the cellular level to heal muscles, ligaments and tissue – Also reducing or eliminating pain quickly to get to back to work or back in the game! Read more here…

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FAKTR is an acronym that stands for Functional Kinetic Treatment Rehab.  It is an advanced type of rehabilitation developed with athletes in mind but applicable to everyone.  Find out more about FAKTR here…